Our Services – In-Office Procedures

Pregnancy Verification

Every woman who is a patient at A Preferred Women’s Health Center for abortion services will have an ultrasound. This advanced diagnostic technique is used 5 weeks or more after the last menstrual period to determine the correct size of the pregnancy. It is an important procedure that improves the accuracy of the physician’s preoperative diagnosis and further assures the safety of the patient and the procedure.

Pre-procedure Evaluation

Each patient fills out a detailed medical record, consent forms and has their vital signs taken. Some patients may be offered additional laboratory tests depending on their blood type and medical history. With the completion of the laboratory testing, a staff member will review your medical history. Each patient is pre-screened for anesthesia risks. Our clinic is concerned with the success of your termination and we want to make sure that your current health and size of your pregnancy will allow the safest of procedures.


Counseling has proven to be one of the most important assurances for patients scheduled for abortion services. Each woman gets personalized, confidential attention and care throughout her visit. Counseling services provide information about the abortion and birth control. Counselors are also here to help with any emotional concerns related to the termination. Our counselors treat each patient with warmth, understanding, and sensitivity.

Vacuum Aspiration Procedure

A Preferred Women’s Health Center performs In-Office abortions by using the vacuum aspiration method, the most common method of abortion available today. The procedure involves the gradual widening of the cervix followed by the insertion of a thin flexible tube attached to a vacuum aspirator, which gently removes the uterine contents.

Every patient receives a local anesthetic. It is given through an injection, which numbs the cervix. During the procedure, the doctor will be explaining what he/she is doing so that there are “no surprises”.

A patient choosing to have the Deluxe anesthesia will be administered a combinations of medications to relax you and make the procedure easier on you. Although you will remain conscious, more often than not you will have little or no recollection of the procedure.

All abortion procedures are performed on an ambulatory basis with the pre-abortion work-up and procedure all performed on the same day. Rhogam will be administered for an additional charge to Rh-negative candidates.